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The Red Rose | by Victoria Langfeld


Princess Arianna has lived a privileged life as heir to the Oberian throne. But when Draxon, her father’s exiled brother, attacks the palace, holding her parents hostage, she finds herself caught in the midst of a sinister plot to take over Oberia. With her parents lives and her kingdom hanging in the balance, she embarks on a perilous journey to find a magical rose. Along the way, she befriends Gabriel, a charming thief, who wants to help her, and Darian, a mysterious crew member on a ship called the Maryanne. Arianna soon finds herself caught in a tug of war between the two boys, each trying to win her heart. As she faces a series of unexpected obstacles and uncovers secrets from Draxon’s dark past, she quickly realizes the only person she can truly trust is herself. Arianna must do whatever it takes to protect her parents, her kingdom, and above all, her heart.

Where Can I Order From?

The Red Rose is available on (softcover or ebook) and on (softcover or Kindle ebook). Within six to eight weeks, The Red Rose will also be available at Walmart, Target, Chapters/Indigo and wherever books are sold!

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Victoria   hhLangfeld

Victoria Langfeld was born and raised in Huntsville, Ontario with her three crazy siblings and their ever growing number of pets.


She is currently completing the Child and Family Studies/Concurrent Education Program at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario.


She grew up reading every book she could get her hands on and has been writing stories since the age of nine.


The Red Rose is her first published novel and she hopes to continue to pursue her passion for writing in the future.